Caring for and Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors (After Care)

You love your hardwood floors and can’t wait to enjoy them for years to come! Here are a few tips to keep in mind immediately following your completed installation or refinish as well as long-term care recommendations.

Immediate Care and Instructions Following the Completion of your Hardwood Flooring Installation or Refinish

  1. Depending on the final finish product used, curing time and manufacturer recommendations vary. Generally most finish cures within 24 hours and can be gently walked on with socked feed if needed after this time. Full cure can take up to 7 days. Before this time, avoid placing area rugs or allowing pets on the floor. You may gently place light-weight, minimal furniture after 48 hours.
  2. After the 7-day curing period, all furnishings and pets may resume normal locations and activity.

CLEANING your Hardwood Floors

  1. For dry cleaning, use a microfiber dry cloth or broom or a hardwood floor safe vacuum attachment.
  2. Immediately clean up wet spills with a terry cloth towel, then mop with Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner using a Bona mop pad.
  3. DO NOT use products designed for shining or cleaning wood furniture. DO NOT use Murphey’s Oil soap or other oil or waxed based cleaners. All of these products leave a continual build up on your hardwood floors that may lead to problems with future services such as maintenance coats or repairs.