Hardwood Flooring Refinish (What to Expect)

King Hardwood Floors LLC specializes in hardwood refinishing and hardwood flooring restoration in Boise and the Treasure Valley. We’ve done work in homes that are anywhere from two to one hundred years old! From general remodeling work to restoring historic homes in North End Boise, we’ve done it all.

Each home’s existing hardwood comes with its unique features and variables. These may include:

  • Being covered for years with carpet, vinyl, or tile.
  • Known or unknown damage from water, pets, or other factors.
  • Having been cleaned with old-fashioned methods such as Murphey’s Oil soap, or waxed in the years prior to refinishing being an option for most homeowners.
  • Other factors that may or may not be known prior to beginning the refinish process.

King Hardwood Floors LLC will take all of these things into consideration when creating and providing a customized hardwood flooring refinish estimate.


Considerations such as species of floor, pet damage, mold, humidity, schedule for other contractors, or age of floor may play a factor and will be discussed with customer prior to starting the project.

If deemed necessary by King Hardwood Floors LLC, customer may be required to sign a waiver if present conditions of floor, home, or project timeline require methods other than those recommended by the NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) or manufacturer guidelines.


A refinish of natural hardwood floors requires a complete sanding and removal of previous finishes. In some cases, residues from waxes, oils, or other contaminates can remain between cracks or other areas. King Hardwood Floors LLC will make every effort to remove all previous finish, contaminates, and debris in order to apply new sealer and/or stain and finish to the floor, but cannot guarantee the final outcome will look the same as a newly installed and finished floor.

Additionally, any finished wood floor will not look the same as other wood in your home, such as cabinets, dining tables, etc. Different methods and expectations are required given floors are walked on and furnished unlike other wood-based home décor or furniture.

King Hardwood Floors LLC follows all procedures as recommended by the National Wood Flooring Association (www.nwfa.org), which may include stipulations for curing times, testing floor or home for humidity, etc.


The following outcomes may or may not be present upon completion of the refinish, but are considered “normal” after final coat has cured:

  • Minor sanding irregularities that do not take away from the overall appearance of the floor and are not noticeable from a standing position.
  • Minor, infrequent applicator streaks or lines that are not noticeable from a standing position in normal lighting.
  • Minimal amounts of dust, hair, applicator fibers, foreign contaminants in final coat, so long as they don’t take away from overall appearance when from a standing position in ambient lighting. In most cases, these will wear away after normal use of the floor.
  • (Possible but not common) – White lines appearing between edges of boards. This is considered an “undesirable environmentally related condition of post’ finish application” and is outside of the control of the contractor.
  • Discoloration over time due to light-sensitive species, direct sun exposure, or areas covered up by furniture, appliances, or area rugs.