Hardwood Flooring Repair and Restoration Options

Though one of the benefits of owning traditional hardwood floors often means little or no replacement cost down the road, there are times that repairs and restoration strategies are required. If you’ve ever watched house flipping television shows, you’ve seen times where the floors can be restored and other times where the damage is too far gone and new floors are required.

Hardwood Flooring Restoration

Whether you have an older home with wood floors you’d like restored, or a newer home that has suffered damage such as flooding, King Hardwood Floors owner, Mike King and his crew have seen it all. They’ve also been known to restore floors that others have claimed couldn’t be fixed!

Hardwood Flooring Repairs

Other times, only a small portion of wood flooring needs repaired. These instances may require just a few boards to be replaced or for a portion of the floor to be sanded down and then refinished. Again, King Hardwood Floors owner, Mike King will accurately assess your wood floor repair needs and only suggest the minimally required work to get your entire floor looking great again.